The mission and vision of Kalo Foods is to bring consumers premium quality gluten-free gourmet bakery products and mixes at competitively affordable prices.  While helping people who live with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and other diseases known to have been caused by gluten, we provide delicious products that the whole family can enjoy!

The wife of the founder suffers from celiac disease and gluten intolerance which is a debilitating condition that can not only incapacitate you but will do permanent damage to intestines and stomach.  It was during the long quest to find satisfying gluten free products that the founder and his wife realized that the product line was not only extremely limited but usually tasteless. A major part of the company goal is to produce pleasingly flavorful products that would also appeal to people who do not suffer from gluten intolerance but would like to support their family and friends by consuming the same products. 

All of our ingredients are certified gluten free or ELISA tested internally to insure that our finished products are gluten free.  The production facility is completely gluten free to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination experienced in facilities handling multiple gluten and gluten free products.  And our products are packaged to avoid contamination once they leave our facility.

Kalo Foods kitchen is located in Stokesdale, North Carolina. We are a small business owned and operated by a service disabled veteran.  We are proud to provide challenging career opportunities for our employees.

Kalo Foods Gluten Free : Incredibly Delicious

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